Low maintenance ac-powered lift trucks

Balancing experience and cutting-edge research, Hyster ac-powered lift trucks deliver numerous advantages over industry standard dc-powered and internal combustion lift trucks.

Free of brushes and commutators, Hyster Company’s fully ac-powered lift trucks allow maximum production and reliability.

The lack of wearable parts eliminates costs and downtime associated with motor brush cleaning, checks and replacements. Energy consumption is also reduced due to improved traction performance and variable electric on-demand steering.

An ac brushless hoist motor powers the advanced hydraulic system to reduce maintenance and increase uptime. The hydraulic system contributes to increased performance and energy savings through the use of powered and regenerative lowering.

The system supports precise load handling with greater performance and less noise while improving battery efficiency through regenerative electricity.

Hyster Company’s powerful ac drive motor is designed to extend battery life to provide more runtime per battery charge and consistent performance even as the battery drains.

The ac drive system also includes an extended shift feature to enable enhanced runtime without recharging over longer periods.

Tests show that the Hyster new line of fully ac-powered trucks move more loads in between battery changes, and requires less energy.

Strong parts and control systems, customisable software and expert truck optimisation enhance the performance and productivity of the Hyster ac-powered lift trucks while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

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