Tradegate joins pan Asian e-commerce Alliance

Tradegate, a community-based trusted supplier of on-line services to importers, exporters and their service providers, has gained Associate Membership of the Pan Asian e-commerce Alliance (PAA).

The member economies of the PAA account for over 50 per cent of Australia’s exports and imports by value. They include Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Mr Peter Blanchard, the CEO of Tradegate, says membership of the PAA will provide local importers and exporters with the opportunity to conduct secure, electronic, paperless cross border trade with major export and import markets for Australia.

“Tradegate will be able to provide its members and customers with commercial information covering those markets in an electronic data format tailored to their business applications,” he says.

“This will reduce the need for data entry staff, eliminate data entry errors, and reduce time. It will prove a major boost to Australia’s trade efficiency.”

“Being able to send and receive electronic data to these markets will reduce delays, improve order-to-payment cycle times, and improve the accuracy of data further streamlining the import/export process.”

The Alliance aims to be the leading body of collaborative organizations promoting and providing secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities for efficient global trade and logistics.

“The PAA’s activities complement the services offered by Tradegate to the Australian international trade and transport community,” Blanchard says.

“Membership of PAA will enable Tradegate to offer its members a secure environment using existing digital certificate technology and infrastructure for the sending and receiving of all commercial and regulatory trade documentation.”

“Commercial invoices, packing lists and waybills are some of the documents that can be exchanged in a data format for customers’ back-end software applications.”

Tradegate will work with existing regulatory agencies to ensure interoperability of infrastructure and services.

“As a first step, Tradegate is working closely with its counterpart in Hong Kong, Tradelink,” Blanchard says.

“Tradegate and Tradelink have established secure connectivity between one another. Tradegate welcomes customers to utilise the new service and obtain immediate benefits,” he says.

About Tradegate

Tradegate is a not-for-profit, neutral, community organization that provides e-commerce services to the international trade and transport community to improve the efficiency of the import/export process. Tradegate is a trusted supplier of on-line services to importers, exporters and their service providers. Visit

About PAA

The PAA, established in July 2000, is the regional e-Commerce alliance in Asia that provides secure and reliable IT infrastructure and promotes efficient global trade and logistics. Combined membership of the parties now exceeds 150,000 organisations, representing almost all active trading enterprises in the Asian market. Current PAA Members comprise Tradelink of Hong Kong, Trade-Van of Chinese Taipei, CrimsonLogic of Singapore, KTNET of Korea, CIECC of China, TEDI Club of Japan, Dagang Net of Malaysia, TEDMEV of Macau and CAT Telecom Public Co. Ltd of Thailand. For more information about PAA, please visit

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