Upgraded scissor lift range

The ES Series offers the most popular JLG scissor lift sizes, performance features and productivity levels at an economical price.

Its versatility is maximised by the availability of ES Narrow models with chassis width of just 76cm and full size ES Wide models with platform capacity up to 450 kilograms.

The improvements have been introduced as standard equipment across the full ES electric scissor lift model range after listening to feedback from JLG customers in Australia and throughout the world.

All JLG ES electric scissor lift models are now fitted with an onboard Multifunction Digital Indicator unit which includes a battery level indicator and diagnostic code display.

The indicator is installed in a protected position behind the right hand battery cover and can simplify fault finding to help minimise down time.

Reference information for the diagnostic codes has been added to JLG ES Series operator manuals, along with instructions for corrective action which can be undertaken without the need for tools.

If any tools are required, the operator will be told to contact an authorised JLG service centre for assistance.

Safety and durability features of ES Series models have been enhanced by coiling the heavily protected cable connected to the control box and routing it around a bracket in the corner of the platform.

The new cable path removes a tripping hazard when deploying the deck extension and also eliminates the risk of the cable being accidentally crushed or becoming entangled in materials and equipment.

One of the more subtle changes to ES Series scissor lifts is also likely to be among the most popular with operators.

JLG engineers have designed a new aluminium platform extension channel without a bottom side lip, removing the potential for debris or dropped items to interfere with the smooth running of the platform extension wheels.

The platform extension channel’s aircraft quality aluminium construction eliminates a possible source of corrosion for scissor lift owners who pressure wash their equipment.

The combined package of upgrades increases the ES Series’ already significant advantages over other scissor lifts.

While the majority of competitors run out of battery power after just four hours, JLG’s ES series will drive elevated for up to 22 hours.

The onboard inverter/charger is a sealed unit which does away with the need for a transformer, eliminating waterproofing issues when units are pressure cleaned.

On construction and refurbishment sites where external power sources are frequently far away, the inverter/charger is a major convenience.

JLG tests have shown that ES Series scissor lift batteries can be recharged even when available voltage drops to 200 volts, as frequently happens with extension cable runs of just 30 metres.

All JLG ES Series electric scissor lift models feature a control station with one-handed proportional drive, lift and lower controls.

The ES Series’ proportional lowering feature is unique to the JLG and is particularly valued by users working with light fittings, glass and other materials which can be damaged by “hard stop” operation.

The fine control provided by the units’ motor control system turns many tasks from a two person operation to a single person task, maximising the ES Series’ productivity.

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