Voicetrader for transport and depot operators

Adtec Communications has released the VoiceTrader open line speaker system for operators in the transport industry and other industrial sectors.

Developed originally for the demanding domain of financial dealers, this technology is functional, versatile and easy to operate.

It enables operators to respond effectively to all incoming information clearly, but without excess volume.

The VoiceTrader monitors incoming telephone channels via high quality custom-built speakers.

By using stereo speakers, each channel can be adjusted to have an apparent position in front of the operator with individual volume control.

The VoiceTrader system is perfect for operating rooms and control room open voice systems; featuring individual channel controls, speakers and transmit buttons for each operator.

Its open line speaker system interfaces to all Control Room or Dealerboard Systems, PABX or Key-Systems, and connects via 2 wire, 4 wire and private leased lines, either with other telephone systems or stand-alone.

For more information please call 02-9281-0444 or email Jeremy Sharp, Director, Adtec Communications at

Written and prepared by Omentum Media Australia.

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