NSW government and ATA to work on freight

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the 2007 update to the NSW State Plan and will work closely with the NSW Government to increase its emphasis on freight transport.

The ATA’s CEO, Stuart St Clair has discussed the 2007 update with other interest groups and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

“I’m very pleased that the NSW Government is consulting interest groups like the Australian Trucking Association about the future of the plan,” St Clair says.

“It’s clear from our discussions that the Government is serious about implementing the plan. It’s clear that the CEOs of its departments are very focused on meeting the plan’s objectives and targets.”

“The 2007 update shows that the NSW Government will continue to upgrade the state’s major highways and the Sydney arterial road network.”

“It’s a vital commitment, because today’s AusRAP report shows that NSW has the worst highways in Australia,” he says.

“The ATA will work closely with the NSW Government to increase the plan’s emphasis on freight transport.”

“The amount of freight on the Australian transport system is set to double by 2020, but most of the transport measures in the plan are focused on passenger traffic,” St Clair observes.

In particular, the ATA is urging the NSW Government to:

• increase its spending on roads, which will reduce congestion and the number of accidents;

• build more rest areas for truck drivers on the state’s highways and enlarge the existing rest areas, so truck drivers can always find a place where they can take a break to manage their fatigue; and

• expand the state’s B-triple super truck network to include the Newell Highway and the Hume Highway from Sydney to Albury, as well as expanding the use of quad-axle vehicles.

“Increasing the use of heavier vehicles like B-triples and quad axles will reduce congestion and help the state government meet its goal of developing new and cost effective ways to reduce emissions in the transport sector,” St Clair says.

“One B-triple super truck can do the work of five semi-trailers and uses far less fuel.”

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