Retail Logistics Supply Chain Code of Conduct endorsed

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has announced its official endorsement of the Retail Logistics Supply Chain (RLSC) Code of Conduct.

The RLSC Code of Conduct, which has now been in operation for over a year, is designed to ensure all participants are aware of their responsibilities in the supply chain when they control or influence the safe and legal carriage of freight.

ATA Chief Executive, Stuart St Clair says the association had central involvement in the development of the code and that the ATA’s official endorsement is in line with its advocacy of new chain of responsibility laws.

“The RLSC Code of Conduct has helped operators to recognise their responsibilities under the new COR laws,” he says.

“If something goes wrong, blame no longer falls directly on a driver, a labourer, an administrator or a manager, it now rests on the entire chain.”

“It goes without saying the support that the RLSC Code of Conduct offers is key to creating more awareness of the responsibilities that lie with each member of the supply chain,” St Clair says.

The RLSC Code was originally championed by the Australian Logistics Council in conjunction with a group of representatives from the retail, transport and logistics industries.

The ATA was part of the broad consultation, and its subsidiary company TruckSafe is currently one of the three approved auditors for the RLSC.

“The Code is another contribution toward improving the conditions and safety for drivers.

The ATA will always support initiatives that aim to keep, front of mind, the wellbeing and fair treatment of supply chain employees,” St Clair says.

The decision to endorse officially the RLSC Code of Conduct was made at yesterday’s ATA council meeting.

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