Network Agility assured with Vanco

Vanco, the world’s leading Virtual Network Operator has announced the deployment of a new network for Agility — one of the world’s largest integrated supply chain suppliers — across key sites in Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

The new Agility network, covering multiple key sites in Australia, New Zealand and PNG, will utilise Vanco’s industry award winning MPLS Matrix product to integrate four different MPLS providers across the region.

The resulting network will provide both cost effective domestic connectivity and a Class Of Service (CoS) prioritisation to enable secure VoIP and other high bandwidth applications to be run effectively.

The regional network is seamlessly integrated into a single managed MPLS network with connectivity into the core of Agility’s global.

Vanco’s VNO approach also enabled maximum network resiliency to be assured by using different carriers for primary and secondary connectivity.

This carrier neutral approach assures maximum business continuity, whilst also allowing Agility to draw on support and management of the solution from its global provider, Vanco.

“Our relationship with Vanco allowed us to select multiple best-fit regional suppliers and negated the often restrictive technology or service options that can come with using a single global service provider,” says Michael Lacy, IT Director Australasia, Agility.

“This agreement provided access to the best fit solution and pricing for our local business, with the benefits of global support arrangements.”

“The agreement with Agility demonstrates Vanco’s ability to take a unified global approach to customer service provision while also providing full local network support,” says Diarmid Massey, Vanco Asia CEO.

“Agility’s network will enable them to easily deploy any new technologies and services they require, supported by local interface teams, with a clear understanding of the market, whilst maintaining consistency with global design principles.”

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