TNT reduces its carbon footprint

express delivery services provider TNT Express has signed an agreement with Quintiq to take further steps in its effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

Through the use of the advanced planning software of Quintiq in the collection and delivery of parcels TNT Express hopes to further give shape to its program called “Planet Me” with the aim to reduce the emission of CO2.

The Quintiq system will replace a large number of discrete planning systems that are now used throughout TNT Express’s 900 depots in the world.

The planning solution will be used to create and maintain depot profiles and allocate parcels to rounds and drivers in an optimal way.

By adopting Quintiq into the Common Systems strategy TNT Express will be able to improve productivity and save on managing a variety of different planning solutions. In addition it will be able to improve tracking and tracing as well as customer service.

Nevertheless Quintiq was able to demonstrate that its software suite for advanced planning and scheduling could deal with all TNT Express’ issues.

Its wide range of functions allows users to react quickly to short-notice changes and contingencies.

By making optimal use of each employee’s skills, availability and productivity, no additional resources need to be scheduled as a buffer, thus enabling organizations to save time, reduce labour costs and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Real-time management reporting permits ongoing monitoring based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

“With the choice for Quintiq we now have a platform for all our IT planning applications within TNT Express and can thereby also increase our customer service levels.”

“TNT Express’ choice underlines our ability to support companies with worldwide operations with their increasingly complex planning puzzle.”

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