Cummins Filtration implements RedPrairie WMS

Cummins Filtration, the leader in filtration, exhaust, coolant and chemical technology for all engine-powered systems, is realising significant inventory, shipping, space utilisation, and resource management benefits from implementing RedPrairie’s WMS.

Cummins Filtration implemented the RedPrairie solution “out of the box,” in its Salt Lake City facility with only minor modifications.

Based on the success of that facility, the Company plans to implement RedPrairie WMS in two more sites.

“Prior to RedPrairie, our WMS was part of an order management system that was completely paper-based with antiquated functionality,” says Mark McKinney, Manager of Logistics Strategy for Cummins Filtration.

“To overcome the visibility, inventory, and shipping challenges associated with our prior WMS, we turned to RedPrairie as a best-of-breed WMS solution provider for industrial manufacturers.”

Cummins Filtration opted for a “no modification” implementation for a number of reasons, including a faster implementation, no annual maintenance fees for modifications, improved testing, and assurance of easier and faster implementation of other RedPrairie solutions.

“We have received significant benefits from implementing RedPrairie’s WMS in our Salt Lake City facility, including a 38 per cent reduction in shipping credits, an improvement in inventory accuracy to 99 per cent, and improved space utilisation and resource management strategies,” McKinney says.

“As they grow, we believe Cummins Filtration will continue to realise benefits from the WMS and other planned RedPrairie solution implementations,” says Mike Mayoras, CEO of RedPrairie.

“Cummins Filtration is a prime example of the value and success a company can have implementing a best-of-breed solution like RedPrairie.”

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