Highpoint Australia wins SCLAA award

Dematic customer Highpoint Australia, in conjunction with Peter J. Ellis & Associates has been awarded the 2007 John Thompson Trophy for manufacturing logistics at the recent Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Awards.

This award, organised by the Supply Chain Logistics Association of Australia (ASCLAA) and the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Australia (CILTA), recognises significant achievement in any aspect of logistics associated with manufacturing.

Highpoint was recognised for its innovative approach to designing and implementing a whole-of-system approach that met the challenges in maintenance and repair of digital set-top boxes for clients.

From an empty warehouse to full operational capacity in less than three months, the scope of the project included a completely re-engineered manufacturing process.

This 3PL facility for Foxtel & Pace Micro required integration of the traditional supply chain and the logistics challenges of: Returns Storage and handling Distribution, and Information technology.

All these elements had to be combined with high and variable throughput volumes and models throughout Australia.

The facility is now recognised by the industry as setting a new global benchmark for the repair of digital set-top boxes.

Dematic — working closely with Peter J. Ellis & Associates, an industrial engineering, materials handling and logistics consultancy — designed a bi-directional conveyor system with a mix of configurations including 24V rollers for accumulation, line shaft conveyors and belt conveyors for longer distance movement.

The conveyor system design allowed for flexibility of implementation, which was essential in this fast-track project, as the site had not been confirmed before detailed design began.

The Dematic system consists of coda bar diversion, gravity, line shaft and zero pressure accumulation using 24 DC rollers with minimal noise levels.

Highpoint Australia has achieved a low cost, high efficiency result by integrating advanced conveyor solutions with production line efficiency to replace batch processing.

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