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Pronto Software’s goal is to develop a zero administration footprint for supply chain so that trading protocols and networks ‘just work’.

That way, businesses can focus on strategic issues such as competitive edge and market differentiation.

“When developing and providing PRONTO-Xi Supply Chain Solutions, we stay abreast of industry and technology trends so that we can continue to align our extensive product development initiatives with our customers’ strategic business needs,” says managing director David Jackman.

As an example of this commitment, Pronto Software was the world’s first ERP Vendor to receive GS1/EANnet certification for our data synchronisation tool PRONTO-Xi iSupply in 2005 and we will release our new GS1net certified product in 2008.

According to Jackman, customers are looking for a fully integrated supply chain solution that not only enables improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in business operations, but is also easy to implement and use.

“A supply chain solution should provide real-time intelligence to assist supply chain managers to make informed and rapid decisions,” he says.

“PRONTO-Xi Supply Chain is an easy to implement and use software suite. It integrates and streamlines operational processes such as inventory management; sales and purchase order management and advanced warehouse management.”

“PRONTO-Xi Distribution manages the entire gamut of operations across the extended enterprise,” Jackman says.

“It enables dramatic reductions in cycle times for transactions crossing enterprise boundaries from suppliers through to consumers.”

“With an open architecture and powerful collaboration applications, PRONTO-Xi Distribution manages the information flow both upstream and downstream through your entire supply chain.”

David Jackman points to accuracy as a key attribute in an efficient supply chain.

“In a global economy, supply chain companies need to have better visibility, logistics efficiency and address compliance issues,” he says.

“This is driving companies of all sizes to re-look their supply chain/IT strategies.”

“Pronto Software is in a strong position to meet market demands with our affordable, out of the box, highly scalable, easy to use software that deliver unparallel visibility and control of supply chains processes.”

Jackman says Pronto Software’s strategy of remaining independent has been very successful and the company is enjoying double digit growth, while some of its traditional competitors are struggling.

“All businesses seek stability and continuity from their business partners,” he asserts.

“The consolidation in the IT industry has not delivered added value to customers but instead has introduced uncertainty.”

Jackman predicts that IT will move beyond the traditional reactive computing utility to one that drives more value, innovation and competitive differentiation for companies.

“One such innovation is ‘Management by exception’, where IT delivers top notch analysis to a wide range of users regarding the strategic and tactical decisions they make during the course of the day,” he says.

“Pronto Software is leading this change with features such as the award winning Alert Intelligence™ being incorporated within PRONTO-Xi.”

“Alert Intelligence™ instantly alerts staff, suppliers and customers to business events and exceptions that require attention, such when a delivery date for stock is missed.”

The technology also allows retailers to notify customers via SMS when their ordered goods are ready for pickup or advise purchasing managers as soon as key stock items have dropped below minimum.

“It’s a really exciting concept,” Jackman enthuses.

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