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Alternative packaging for liquid – cost-effective and reliable

Introducing the new Citadel-v intermediate bulk container (IBC) available from Bison Plastics. Equipped with a recessed valve in the base, the molded plastic Citadel-v offers safe, secure protection of liquid products throughout processing, transport, and storage.

Citadel-v has been designed to deliver efficiency, security, and optimal protection for transport of all nonhazardous, liquid products.

Citadel-v is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to disposable wood, corrugated, or metal packaging typically used for liquid transport applications. Smooth, strong walls, a heavy-duty base, and secure latches give the Citadel-v high durability for a long service life and low cost per trip in closed loop supply chains.

With a 300 gallon/3,000 lb. capacity, the Citadel-v handles liquids with ease. The 48" x 45" x 46" footprint conveniently cubes out warehouses, trailers, and rail cars; lowers freight costs; and reduces wasted storage space by up to 40%.


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