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SYSPRO’s philosophy is based on the belief that customers want a product that is easy to deploy and use, with a strong focus on business process management.

“We get constant feedback from new customers on how quickly they were able to implement or upgrade, and the speed of training for new users compared to other systems,” says Asia Pacific general manager Shaun Butler.

“While SYSPRO is highly configurable to suit a customer’s business requirements, the underlying Service Orientated Architecture is designed to be ‘future-proof’ protecting the customer from having to redo their report-design or customisations every time there is a new version of SYSPRO.”

Another way SYSPRO makes IT easy for customers is the company’s deliberate decision to integrate tightly with Microsoft Office, the de facto standard for desktop software.

“This means you have a great way to manage and disseminate information across your entire supply chain, regardless of whether SYSPRO is accessible to the user or not,” Butler says.

“With appropriate security, management can access customer inventory and supplier data from Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook for further analysis or publication to the local intranet or Web.”

“Nowadays, Australian companies are so directly affected by changes in overseas market demand and supply, customers want a solution that enables them to respond with speed and accuracy to changing conditions,” Butler observes.

“For this, companies want a system that enables them to be supply chain managers and not just product makers.”

“Secondly, companies only want to pay for the software it uses. SYSPRO prices its software according to business modules used and number of users with an annual maintenance fee covering product upgrades.”

“This dramatically reduces the initial cost of acquiring the software, total cost of ownership and ensures customers continuously receive product upgrades and support over the life of the software.”

SYSPRO has one single ERP solution that has been continuously developed for over 30 years.

“Our solution provides incredible depth of functionality ‘out of the box’, matched by breadth of functionality with 40 plus modules,” Butler says.

The company is also one of the few global ERP systems untouched by consolidation while many vendors attempt to grow through acquisition with declining organic growth.

“SYSPRO is one of the world’s largest privately held ERP vendors focused on a single product,” Butler says.

“The result is a high customer retention rate as they have the ability to continuously upgrade to the latest software version swiftly and smoothly.”

According to Shaun Butler, SYSPRO’s main opportunity lies in the ability to offer a completely seamless and integrated set of financial, manufacturing and distribution modules that covers the entire supply chain.

“Each module is virtually ‘plug and play’ and integrates seamlessly with the others,” he explains.

“Customers are demanding a one stop solution to meet their current and future requirements and put an end to the finger pointing between competing vendors.”

“A good IT system enables different views of the supply chain right from the shop floor to the end-customer with secure visibility available to external partners as well as management.”

Our world class supply chain solution can be quickly implemented at affordable prices to deliver ROI fast,” Butler says.

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