ATLAS Fuel™ powers Tasco Inland Australia

Tasco-Inland Australia has upgraded to ATLAS Fuel™, Advanta Software’s fuel distributor’s software suite to

improve operational efficiencies and cater for business growth.

Established in 1995 with the merge of T&S Petroleum and Inland Oil Pty Ltd, Tasco-Inland Australia are one of the largest distributors of Mobil fuel and lubricant products in Australia.

Tasco Inland provides fuel distribution services to the South East Australian market and has developed a wholesale and retail network of over 40 service stations, 6 major depots and 2 administration centres.

Over the years, Tasco Inland Australia has differentiated their business from competitors and has created a competitive advantage in the fuel distribution market.

Evan Newell, retail marketing manager at Tasco-Inland believes in comparison with other fuel distribution companies, Tasco-Inland is a technical leader.

“To maintain this leadership, we continually search for new technologies to improve supply chain efficiencies and our customer service levels,” he says.

In June 2007, Tasco-Inland Australia decided to upgrade to Advanta’s ATLAS Fuel™ software suite.

Prior to the upgrade Tasco-Inland were using Advanta’s BILS-FD software solution.

The BILS FD software solution was originally implemented in 1996, following a detailed review of the fuel distribution software packages on the market by two senior managers at Tasco-Inland Australia.

At the time of evaluation, Newell says the BILS FD solution was selected as it provided the functional support required for our business following the merge with Inland Oil Pty Ltd in 1995.

During implementation, Tasco worked closely with Advanta to extend the BILS FD software suite to meet the needs of the Mobil fuel distributor network.

Over the past decade Tasco maintained a close involvement with the product by contributing feedback and implementing enhancements as they became available.

Over the past 3 years Advanta Software developed a new generation of solutions under the ATLAS™ brand, culminating in the release of ATLAS Fuel™.

“As an innovative player in the fuel distribution market, it was natural for Tasco to invest in ATLAS Fuel™ and update our software to the latest technology in the industry,” Newell says.

“ATLAS Fuel™ is a fuel industry specific version of Advanta’s ATLAS™ logistics suite.”

“ATLAS Fuel™ encompasses all aspects of supply chain management, supply chain execution, CRM and eLogistics.”

“In addition, ATLAS Fuel™ includes innovative features which are catered to the special needs of the Australian Fuel Distribution industry,” he says.

Newell says the ATLAS system is intuitive and uses a Windows look and feel design which directly reduces training costs to the business.

“In addition the menu structure is flexible and can be configured to our user’s needs,” he explains.

“This improves the security of the system by preventing unwanted access to specific parts of the system.”

Following the implementation of the ATLAS Fuel™ software suite, Tasco-Inland Australia intend to expand their fuel distribution service coverage across Australia and aim to develop the company into a world class leader in Fuel Distribution.

“Over the past 18 months, we have already doubled our supply quantity and with the support of our infrastructure as well as Advanta Software, our goal is definitely achievable,” Newell says.

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