Pioneer centralises all logistics in Melbourne

In response to the prevailing economic conditions, Pioneer Electronics has decided to streamline its local business to improve operational efficiencies.

Over the coming months, Pioneer will be centralising all logistics at its Victorian distribution centre based in suburban Braeside. This will provide a more focused approach to stock management and supply.

The company has traditionally serviced all its Australian retailers through Melbourne, and some years ago it added a Brisbane facility. According to a company spokesperson, however, the impending economic downturn combined with highly efficient distribution networks convinced Pioneer to re-centralise its distribution to the Melbourne centre. The company owns and operates this facility itself.

Sales functions will be retained in all states. However, in line with other businesses in the electronics industry, Pioneer will also be outsourcing its after-sales service.

The move will see Pioneer’s Victorian-based service facility retain a team of specialist technicians, who will provide support to our extensive nation-wide service agency network of over 120 agents, as well as servicing selected specialised products.

Pioneer service agents can be located on Pioneer’s website ( 

Pioneer remains committed to the Australian market with a company history spanning over 40 years.


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