Manhattan Associates Announces SCOPE

Global Supply Chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates has announced Manhattan SCOPE, the first comprehensive portfolio of solutions and technology to leverage a common Supply Chain Process Platform.

SCOPE’s Supply Chain Process Platform houses an optimisation engine that enables data, events and workflows in different solutions to inform each other and to enact changes in each other’s operations when circumstances warrant.

This capability represents true cross-application optimisation, rather than the traditional ‘silo’ approach in which attempts to improve one area of the Supply Chain, such as Transportation, for example, may have a serious negative impact in another, such as Inventory.

SCOPE’s optimisation range also extends across an organisation’s Supply Chain ecosystem of suppliers, partners, transporters, distributors and channels.

“Today’s highly competitive and unpredictable global market requires companies to move beyond managing their Supply Chains to optimising them,” says Eddie Capel, executive Vice President for product management, Manhattan Associates.

“True optimisation requires visibility, events, intelligence, workflows, and data to be synthesised across Supply Chain functions, and, ideally, across an organisation’s Supply Chain ecosystem.”

“Without a Supply Chain Process Platform to tie solutions together, it would be impossible for a warehouse management solution, for example, to optimise replenishment, order management, or forecasting operations,” he says.

In addition to the Supply Chain Process Platform, the SCOPE portfolio includes:

Five Supply Chain solution suites of

  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Order Lifecycle Management
  • Transportation Lifecycle Management
  • Distribution Management;

Platform Applications that deliver

  • Supply Chain Event Management
  • Supply Chain Intelligence and visibility across solution suites;
  • Cross-suite (X-suite) solutions that combine solutions and/or solution components to address specific Supply Chain challenges.

“Our customer base includes some of the most recognised Supply Chain leaders in the world,” says Pete Sinisgalli, president and CEO for Manhattan.

“They tell us that moving beyond functional thinking to optimise operations across their Supply Chains and their ecosystems is critical to achieving their strategic and financial goals.”

“We have worked with their input, and ideas from the smartest supply chain professionals, scientists and mathematicians in the industry, both within Manhattan and on our Advisory Boards, to create SCOPE and our long term vision for optimising service-based ecosystems,” Sinisgalli says.

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