Textbook supply chain management software

Leading educational institutions are opting for supply chain software developed by Mid-Comp as a key teaching tool.

Victoria University’s (VU) Industry Skills Training, which has built a strong reputation for innovation, has become the latest addition to the growing list of organisations to sign up for the Melbourne-based company’s education initiatives program.

Under the new agreement, VU will utilise Mid-Comp’s Odyssey corporate distribution and accounting software for teaching purposes.

The company’s managing director Steve Bridges said that as an advanced enterprise resource planing program with a strong focus on distribution, Odyssey was compatible with the organisation’s educational objectives.

With the help of the program, VU’s transport and logistics student will have access to a real-world warehousing and distribution environment, working in a modern warehouse using barcode and RFID technologies.

Students are expected to gain practical hands-on exposure, lifting their employability when they complete their course.

Mr Bridges said the breadth of the Odyssey software application would enable course graduates to go into any distribution company operating modern workflow processes and become productive immediately.

VU Industry Skills Training head of school Peter Jacobson said the software would form a pivotal part of courses, offered to local and international students for either academic or commercial industry-based learning.

“The courses encompass the full gambit of supply chain, business administration and financial applications,” Mr Jacobson said.

VU Industry Skills Training recently won an Australian Supply Chain and Logistics Award (training, education and development category) for its ‘Ready to Work’ program, a four-week course that aimed to tackle Australia’s shortage of logistics transport workers by fast-tracking students into the industry.

Mid-Comp, under a strategic partnership with IBM, develops and supplies business software to organisations in 26 countries, including a substantial number of Fortune 500 companies.

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