Telstra develops interim truck phone

Telstra has developed an interim Next G truck phone, following a delay in the release of the Ballistic Linehaul R247.

The Linehaul R247 is a Next G phone that is specially designed to be permanently mounted in truck cabs. It will feature big buttons, a large display, and an auto adjusting backlight.

The phone is now scheduled to be released in late May or June 2008. Trucking operators with CDMA truck phones who plan to upgrade to the Linehaul R247 will need to use interim phones until it becomes available, because the CDMA network is scheduled to be switched off on 28 April.

Telstra has developed a temporary fix that may fill the gap for some operators. It is a modified Telstra F165 country phone handset and car kit.

The modifications permanently secure the phone to the car kit by fitting a steel plate over the top of the cradle. The cradle can then be installed on the dashboard of the truck with special screws so it can’t be removed by the driver.

Telstra is offering their interim phone to operators for the price of the phone and the car kit. It is not charging for the modifications.

Operators who are interested in considering this option should talk to their Telstra mobile account manager.

The Ballistic website has more information about the Linehaul R247 and other alternate arrangements that operators could use until it becomes available.

In other news, the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is building a new touring exhibition that will improve public perceptions about the trucking industry.

The purpose-built trailer will tour the nation from late 2008 to promote the industry’s messages about career opportunities, road safety and industry best practice.

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