Smart with inventory?

APICS presents a simple, low risk method to optimise your inventory levels and reduce investment withthout comprimising availability in a one day workshop.

High levels of inventory are a symptom of broader issues with the way inventory is controlled, supplied, accessed, purchased and managed.

Addressing high levels of inventory through traditional ‘optimisation’ alone does not resolve these greater issues.

True optimisation and a lasting result requires a complete solution and an understanding of the context and process factors that influence your inventory.

We call this Inventory Process Optimisation™.

Inventory Process Optimization™ does not use just one technique for reviewing your inventory it addresses all of the issues and has a clever way of targeting which solutions you should apply to which parts of your inventory.

To be held on Thursday 3 April, this workshop is recommended for practitioners responsible for indirect inventory, that is, “bought in” inventory such as parts and components, finished goods, service parts, OEM spares, MRO inventory, engineering spares and industrial supplies.

People who have benefited from this workshop include Inventory Controllers and Managers, Operations and Logistics Managers, Purchasing Professionals, Commercial and Financial Managers.

Inventory management expert Phillip Slater will present the Inventory Cash Release™ Process, a simple, step-by-step methodology that enables you to optimise the factors that influence your inventory levels.

This low risk process enables a significant reduction in inventory investment without compromising availability.

As a result you can achieve Inventory Process Optimisation™.


  • Understand why data driven approaches sub optimize your inventory results
  • Learn about the processes that really influence your inventory outcomes
  • Learn a specific and proven approach to undertake a targeted review of your inventory
  • Learn about the actions and strategies you can use to address specific inventory issues


  • The factors that have greatest impact on your inventory
  • Why inventory reduction efforts fail
  • The 3 reports that you need to understand
  • The 5 Myths of inventory reduction
  • The 7 Actions you can take to safely reduce your inventory
  • What is Inventory Process Optimization and how you can use it to achieve your goals
  • The Inventory Cash Release™ Process
  • The best way to use the Pareto Principle
  • Why companies hold more inventory than they really need
  • Common issues in inventory management


This is a highly interactive workshop and participant numbers are limited to ensure significant interaction.

Attendees will benefit by working side by side with others to review their issues and identify solutions.


With over twenty years of business improvement experience, Phillip Slater provides a unique combination of skills and experience covering both operations and financial management.

During his career Phillip has been involved in assisting companies with inventory issues in a wide range of industry types and in many countries.

Phillip holds degrees from UNSW and Monash University and is the author of a number of management books, including Smart Inventory Solutions, A New Strategy for Continuous Improvement, and The Optimization Trap.

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