RBI joins the Buy Recycled Business Alliance

Reed Business Information, leading B2B publisher of Logistics Magazine, Manafacturers Monthly, Packaging Magazine, Food and many others has become a member of the Buy Recycled Business Alliance.

The BRBA is a non-profit alliance of businesses united by a commitment to promote the purchase and use of recycled content products (RCPs) and materials.

Foundation members include leading companies such as Amcor Australasia, Australian Paper, Corporate Express and Fosters Group among many others.

Developing recovered or recycled products not only reduces the consumption of raw materials and natural resources, but can also reduce the amount of water and energy consumed in the manufacturing process, an essectial consideration in the Australian environment.

“Large amounts of water are required to pulp the fibre from new trees to manufacture paper,” says Anna Game-Lopata, editor of Reed’s Logistics and Packaging Magazines.

“Recycling just 1 tonne of paper fibre into cardboard can save up to 24,000 litres of water.”

“Less energy is used as less processing is required. Recycling just 1 tonne of paper fibre can save around 18 gigajoules of energy,” she says.

“The BRBA is in a unique position to provide a national focus for market development of recycled content products.”

“Recycling is an important contributor to business sustainability.”

“Buying recycled products is the critical step in the recycling loop.”

“To truly recycle, business must also purchase those materials that have been collected and reprocessed into other products,” Game-Lopata says.

Both Logistics and Packaging Magazines are at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices,” Game-Lopata adds.

“By joining the BRBA, Reed is deepening its commitment to practitioners, brand owners and the future of the Logistics and Packaging industries.”

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