Rugged Industrial Strength Handheld Readers

Datalogic Scanning has released the PowerScan® 8000 Series of rugged industrial-strength handheld readers.

This series is designed and constructed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions and deliver performance to satisfy the most demanding applications.

The PowerScan 8000 Series of handheld readers come with your choice of corded or cordless models, standard or auto range laser with a range of few centimetres to over 10 meters, and a 2D mega-pixel sensor for omni-directional reading of 1D, stacked, and 2D bar codes.

Outstanding characteristics include ruggedness, durability and the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

The Series also has additional optics and interfaces make this new product suitable for any application in the industrial market.

Operator comfort is essential in any scan-intensive application and has also been considered.

The PowerScan 8000 delivers unsurpassed ease-of-use with its improved ergonomically designed handle and well-balanced weight.

For unmatched feedback in noisy environments, and superior good read feedback from any position, the high-performance Datalogic 3GLT Technology (Three Green Lights) incorporates “GreenSpotT” Technology as well as “Double Good-Read LEDT” Technology.

The 3GL Technology is a distinctive characteristic of all PowerScan 8000 industrial handheld readers, showcasing the latest innovations in handheld reader technology by Datalogic.

“Now customers can take advantage of the very best technology the industry has to offer,” says Pietro Todescato, General Manager of Handheld Readers for Datalogic Scanning.

“The new PowerScan series synthesizes and further enhances the ten years of design, technology, and experience based upon the PowerScan, DragonT, and LynxT handheld readers.”

“The new reader builds upon our long legacy of success and a demonstrated track-record of proven performance in demanding environments.”

The operator’s mobility is crucial in industrial applications, not only to increase efficiency, but to optimise safety.

The Datalogic STAR cordless systemT increases productivity and flexibility in the work area by offering scalable solutions, from simple point-to-point applications to more complex networks and seamless roaming projects.

Both an input and an output device, the powerful bi-directional communication protocol of the PowerScan 8000 handheld reader, combined with an optional display and three push-button keypad not only allow the operator to receive information, but to also actively interact with the host.

Datalogic Scanning has long been a pioneer in cordless handheld technology offering the broadest line of cordless scanners available today.

Facts about Datalogic Scanning Handheld Readers

  • A Datalogic Scanning bar code reader is installed every 36 seconds.
  • 440,000 PowerScan® industrial handheld readers have been sold since 1998.
  • 200,000 DragonT industrial handheld readers have been sold since 2000.
  • Over 2.5 million Datalogic handheld readers have been sold since 1998.
  • Over 30,000 customers have chosen Datalogic Scanning handheld

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