Introducing new products

Design has a great product in development, marketing and sales know it will be a knockout, and manufacturing and supply have the capacity to make it.

Why then don’t new products just roll smoothly into the market?

Generally because key decisions on product features, market position, sourcing and supply chain strategy are left too late, or are not considered sufficiently well to be effectively implemented.

APICs is offering a one day course on 27 March aimed at getting products into your supply chain and to customers in an effective and sustainable way.

The course highlights these areas and describes the actions a business can take to make new product introduction a market advantage.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of the steps required to move a product from the later stages of design through the realisation phase and into the hands of customers.

The course describes in detail the activities involved in ramping up a supply chain for product launch and emphasises the cross functional nature of successful new product introduction.

The roles of all of the business disciplines and their interactions in the NPI process are explained.


By attending this course you will have a better understanding of why:

  • NPI should be a company wide activity and how working in effective cross functional teams is essential
  • Regular review of product development and introduction activity keeps the team focussed and aligned
  • Carefully selecting and engaging suppliers can increase launch performance
  • Creating and testing demand, capacity & inventory plans allows you to truly understand the whole supply chains sensitivity to inputs
  • Discovering what you don’t know can help you take an open and pragmatic approach to risk management


The course will centre on a simulation of a product development and launch that will leave you with a sense of the commercial and operational realities of product launch.

A number of practical guides will be presented and discussed.

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