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Hot new handheld terminal for cold storage

LXE handheld terminal MX7CS

LXE recently announced the introduction of the MX7CS handheld data collection computer for cold storage environments at the 11th Cold Chain Education Program in Amsterdam The Netherlands and the FROZEN exhibition in Zaragoza Spain.

The MX7CS is the smallest, lightest handheld on the market specifically designed for highly effective use in sub-freezing temperatures (down to -30C). The MX7CS completes LXE’s industry-leading cold storage product line, which includes the MX5X ultra-rugged handheld, the VX6 half-screen and the VX7 full screen Vehicle Mount Computers.

"The MX7CS fills a critical hole in the cold storage market for a rugged handheld data collection device that’s small and lightweight," says Stephen Dubois, LXE’s Regional Manager, Australia and New Zealand. "LXE has a deep understanding of the cold storage business based on extensive experience in delivering these solutions. The MX7CS is the culmination of all the customer feedback and lessons weíve learned during that time."

The MX7CS solves the problems that make it impossible to use standard handheld computers in cold storage environments. Built-in heaters eliminate both fogging and frosting, a specialised battery ensures free-flowing power, and a highly effective conformal coating technique protects the unit from condensation.

The MX7CS comes "voice-ready" and allows voice logistics applications and barcode scanning applications to be used on the same unit. As with all of LXE’s products, the MX7CS is "Born Rugged, not Made Rugged TM". Specialised plastics absorb impacts; solid state, industrialised electronics resist shock and vibration; and a fully ruggedised display and backlit keyboard can handle the rigors of rough industrial operations.

For more information on the MX7CS handheld computer for cold storage, go to www.lxe.com.au

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For further information, please contact:

Stephen Dubois

Phone: +61 2 9438 4324

Email: dubois.s@lxe.com


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