Sky-trax Indoor Vehicle Positioning System

Peacock Bros now exclusively offer “Sky-trax”, an indoor positioning system that will track, record and monitor the activities of any indoor vehicles such as forklifts and pallet stackers.

Accurate up to 3 sq cm, this revolutionary system will greatly improve the performance and management of indoor vehicles in as they operate within your warehouse or distribution centre.

Initial installations have delivered a quick return on investment and dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies.

The Sky-trax system includes a server with software called OPSman which displays in CAD display format your warehouse with illustrations of your forklifts or other indoor vehicles that move in real-time as your vehicles move.

Sky-trax constantly records and gathers data such as distances travelled without a load, the amount of downtime for each vehicle and when and where impacts have occurred for recall and analyzing.

Using a patented optical image reader called Sky-I, mounted on the top of the vehicle and pointed upwards this tracking solution can determine the position, speed and direction of your vehicles by references to roof suspended Sky-Markers.

The Sky-I optical reader communicates with a vehicle mounted mobile computer such as an Intermec CV30 or Motorola VC5090 connected to any WIFI wireless network.

Sky-trax is completely independent with no ongoing access costs and can be fitted in dark, cold, hot or even exposed warehouses without any interference in operational accuracy.

It can manage a single vehicle or your entire indoor fleet no matter what your warehouse or distribution centre layout is.

The OPSman software tracks the movements of all your indoor vehicles and produce reports on operational efficiency, downtime, heavy traffic areas and hazard zones.

An additional “breadcrumb” feature will show the areas of your warehouse that receive the most traffic so that you can adjust your work areas for maximum efficiency.

Constant real-time monitoring without error ensures that your operation can track and trace vehicles and stock at any time and control your operations as the events occur.

Combining this technology with RFID readers mounted on your forklift load backrests and RFID SSCC labels will give you a system that not only tracks the position of your vehicles, but your inventory as well.

You can even leave an RFID tagged pallet of stock in the middle of the floor and it will display the pallets’ exact location.

Pallets can be stored up to 6 bays high or 20 pallets deep with complete visibility. Missing stock becomes a thing of the past and accurate stock rotation is no longer a problem.

For 120 years Peacock Bros. have been providing business management solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our Data Division specialises in designing and custom installations of automated inventory management solutions for the Transport, Logistics and Warehousing industries.

The Sky-trax Indoor Vehicle Positioning System is a result of our dedication to research and development and understanding of your business needs.

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