Cradle-to-cradle supply chains

On the 8th of April 2008 EVO, an international Logisitcs advocate based in the Netherlands, will be having its annual conference.

EVO represents the interests of some 30,000 companies in the Netherlands that transport goods for their own account or contract this out to a professional transport company.

They come from all sectors of industry, including wholesale, retail, construction, agricultural and business services.

The subject for this year will be sustainable logistics, with special attention to the Cradle-to-Cradle concept of the American architect William McDonough and the German chemist Michael Braungart.

The Cradle-to-Cradle concept is based on the sustainable production of intelligent products of fully decomposable materials, which can always be returned to the biosphere or the technosphere.

In this way safe residual products once again become food for natural organisms (waste = food); non-decomposable materials are turned into high-quality raw materials to be applied for new technological products.

Companies such as Ford Motor Company, Océ, Herman Miller and Nike have embraced the concept.

During this English-spoken conference the practical application of this internationally upcoming sustainability concept shall be linked to logistics and supply chains for the very first time.

Besides Michael Braungart himself, companies such as Nike will also present their views on sustainable logistics chains and how they put this into practice.

Also, the results will be presented on the research which Capgemini and TNO conducted on behalf of EVO on the consequences, demands and opportunities of Cradle-to-Cradle with regard to logistics processes.

During the conference the first edition of the EVO Logistics Yearbook will be presented, edition 2008.

The yearbook is a work of reference for everyone in the world of logistics and supply chain management.

With an important input from Capgemini, the yearbook covers a range of themes from globalisation and security, to knowledge & labour and sustainability described and discussed by experts from the sciences, training and business.

For more information and registration for the conference.

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