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New commodity trailer – the right fit equals the perfect balance


The new Wilson Australian Commodity Trailer has been specifically engineered to suit Australia and its unique operating conditions and will encompass all the Wilson qualities that create the Perfect Balance of: Quality, Durability and Performance.

This B-Double Model Trailer integrates Wilson’s renowned lightweight aluminium design to provide an increase in payload of up to 48 tonnes.

The custom design of the Wilson commodity trailer for the Australian market, demonstrated through bottom discharge functionality, has the ability to unload into all existing rail infrastructures. This innovative design ensures that efficiency is maintained via ease of operation whilst not comprising safety. Some of the key safety features include:

  • Oval Stop & Turn Lights in the Rear Header
  • Inside Load Lights for Night Loading
  • Halogen Unloading Lights in the Apex for night time unloading
  • Ladders Inside the Hoppers
  • Grad handles
  • Non-Skid step surfaces on and ladders and walkways
  • Safety decals
  • Full Length conspicuity tape
  • Rear Impact Guard to prevent run under

Wilson has 43 years experience in the manufacture of grain and self-unloading conveyor trailers, coupled with an extensive history in North America building B-Doubles for the Canadian market.

The Wilson name is associated with over a century of demonstrated leadership in the design, production, distribution and support of their superior trailers. Plus, with an ongoing company-wide commitment to excellence of every detail, Wilson boasts an established group of satisfied customers.

With extensive production capabilities, the manufacture and delivery of multiple units is realised much quicker than local manufacturers. This provides our customers with a competitive edge and the ability to attain operational savings via efficiency gains and reap the financial benefits of increased payloads quicker.

The industry has already expressed interest regarding the National release of these custom designed trailers, with many indicating what an invaluable asset they will be for many Grain Carriers. Not only does the lightweight aluminium design enable increased payloads, but provides a material resistant to corrosion promoting less maintenance costs.

With the partnership of Featherlite Trailers Australia and Wilson Trailer you will soon realise that Wilson is a “good name to have behind you”.

For more information visit www.featherlitetrailers.com.au or call1300 889 892.

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