Better systems for perishables

Optimisation company RedPrairie has announced enhancements to its warehouse management solution designed for perishable goods.

Food distributors and grocery retailers, along with multi-environment distribution operators, are expected to benefit from the upgraded solution, which is devised to improve the quality and efficiency of shipment and delivery of food and other sensitive items.

In food and grocery distribution, shipments usually consist of frozen, refrigerated and dry

goods on a single vehicle.

While multi-stop loads are common in retail and grocery delivery, the method is not appropriate when loading a multi-temperature controlled trailer or when loading orders from multiple buildings within a campus environment.

The program provides advanced algorithms for picking, staging and loading perishable goods across multi-temperature and multiple building campus environments, taking into account multiple loading doors, temperature zones and stop sequencing.

The new solution is expected to protect the quality of food and other perishables, improve the accuracy and efficient of loading operations, and reduce shipping costs and damages.

The multi-temperature loading enhancements are contained in the latest version of RedPrairie’s WMS system, which is now available in general release.

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