34th day of the Channel Deepening Project

The Port of Melbourne Corporation has released the latest data from turbidity monitoring in Port Phillip Bay.

Wednesday 12 March was the 34th day of the Channel Deepening Project.

Dredging started on 8 February 2008 in South Channel, where over a three week period clean sand was dredged.

On 1 March, dredging started in the Port Melbourne Channel where clay is currently being dredged for the construction of the underwater containment area, known as a bund.

Since dredging started there has been continued monitoring of turbidity (i.e. suspended sediment in the water). Conformance limits are set at 11 locations in the bay for bay assets such as fish, seabirds, seagrass and seaquirts.

Over a month of dredging has occurred, and according to the Port of Melbourne Corporation, the data demonstrates that all environmental limits are being complied with, in both the South and North of Port Phillip Bay.

Dredging ceased in the South on 29 February 2008.

Data released last Thursday (6 March) showed generally that conditions returned to normal three days after dredging ceased.

These trends have continued for the subsequent period 3-10 March.

Data shows that turbidity levels were well within conformance limits.

The same can be said in the North where dredging is currently taking place.

Between the period 3-10 March, turbidity continued to be well within conformance limits contained in the Environmental Management Plan, as approved by the State and Federal Governments.

The Port will present data to the public each Wednesday.

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