Manhattan Associates introduces flow management

Global Supply Chain optimisation provider Manhattan Associates has announced the release of its Flow Management product, a cross-suite solution that enables companies to synchronise all aspects of product distribution, from forecasting and inventory planning to allocation and distribution.

Flow Management is part of the Manhattan SCOPE portfolio of Supply Chain optimisation solutions and is designed to ensure that distribution decisions are optimised and aligned with real-time demand, supply and inventory strategies.

“Flow Management elevates distribution decision-making from a warehouse-based approach to a network-based multi-discipline model,” says Eddie Capel, Executive Vice President for product management, Manhattan Associates.

”Using Flow, inventory can be re-allocated in real time to the channels and distribution points that provide the most profitable fulfilment opportunity with all solutions receiving real-time updates that can in-turn optimise future planning and decision making.”

Manhattan’s Flow Management enables companies to sense real-time changes to demand, supply and inventory strategies and ensures that inventory is routed to the most profitable location in the network, whether that is directly to customers, alternate stores or other distribution centres.

By harnessing the power of the Manhattan SCOPE Supply Chain Optimisation Platform, companies are able to align data, processes and resources against a common set of business objectives.

“Managing a flow-through distribution model requires close coordination across multiple departments and functional boundaries, each of which is often weighed by different objectives,” says Scott Fenwick, Senior Director of product strategy, Manhattan Associates.

“Manhattan’s Flow Management enables complete alignment of forecasting, replenishment, order management and warehouse management systems as a single solution to provide complete Supply Chain Optimisation.”

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