Rough Terrain

Marcel Braud, father of the Manitou’s current president Marcel Claude Braud, wanted to create a company that would ‘handle everything’.

Manitou, from the French ‘manie tout’ means just that.

In 1958, he invented the first rough terrain forklift. This year the company celebrates its 50th anniversary.

“A family company, Manitou is proud to still be innovating and looking forward to serving its customers on all grounds for years to come,” says Manitou Australia’s commercial manager Stuart Walker.

The latest initiative in Manitou’s agricultural technology in the market for telescopic handlers is the newly upgraded ‘Evolution’ series.

“The first innovation involves a new and even more spacious cab with added functions for improved comfort,” Walker says.

“The sole objective of the Series is to meet the every day needs of the agricultural operator.”

“The new cab for the MLT Evolution range has been designed to provide an even bigger working space to ensure total safety.

Access to the machine has been optimised through the positioning of the cab, the wide step and the handles.

“This configuration allows operators to enter the machine with minimum effort, making it easy for them to get on and off the machine,” Walker explains.

“All this is combined with the unmatched compactness of the machine, whose height is less than 2.35 m.”

“The Evolution MLT guarantees unequalled visibility for operators through the extensive tinted glass areas of the cab.”

“The steeply sloped profile of the right hand bonnet and extremely low boom anchorage point provides all round visibility for the operator.”

To reduce the risks involved in manoeuvring or in poor weather conditions, large rear view mirrors are fitted to either side of the machine with windscreen wipers front and rear and a roof mounted window wiper.

“To complete its range of equipment the new Evolution range cab is fitted with a windscreen sun-shield and working lights,” Walker says.

“Mounting the cab on ‘silentblocs’ and using insulating materials minimises vibration in the machine, which is equipped with a low-noise engine.”

“Another useful detail is the externally fitted removable toolbox which frees yet more interior space,” he says.

Walker says the ‘Powershift’ gearbox on the Manitu MLT Evolution range has been upgraded to offer an extra gear ratio.

“The first two gear ratios are used for work which requires high torque or low manoeuvring speeds, spreading of feed, scraping, for example.”

“Speeds 3, 4 and 5 are used for handling operations and day-to-day indoor or yard work, while the sixth speed is for unloaded travel along roads.”

“It allows speeds of up to 42 km/hr to be reached, thus minimising the time spent moving between distant working locations.”

“The Joystick makes moving through the gears easy,” Walker enthuses. “Using the built-in control on the lever, gear changing is achieved by a single click.”

Stuart Walker points to the MLT 1035 LT LSU as another product recently added to the MANISCOPIC agricultural range.

“The MLT 1035 is designed to carry out the usual mixed and stock-rearing work, meeting the wide variety of applications agricultural users require,” Walker says.

“Along with a compact profile of 2.30m, a more comfortable cab and transmission comprising a turbo engine and torque converter, the model also incorporates the celebrated Manitou Load Sensing Ultra (LSU) system.”

LSU technology is a combination of a variable cylinder piston pump coupled with an ‘intelligent’ distributor manifold which optimises the maximum flow at 150 litres per minute.

“The system allows 2, 3 or 4 movements to be performed simultaneously,” Walker says.

“The LSU hydraulic system combined with the JSM single lever results in reduced operating cycle times, increased ease of use, flexibility and safety in operation.”

Stuart Walker says Mantou will introduce several new products in 2008, including a complete range of MANISCOPIC machines 14-18m lift height, the 30m MANISCOPIC MRT, and new MANIACCESS models in both the electric and diesel range, including the 150TP Telescopic Platform.

Upgrades will also be made to several other models.

“The products and enhancements will cement our position as the No.1 manufacturer of industrial and construction materials handling equipment,” Walker says.

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