Pick by voice under extreme conditions

Nowadays logistics centres are pretty hectic.

Substantial background noise is caused by the engines of forklifts, elevating trucks driving around and crates falling over.

Obviously, in this extreme environment some Pick by Voice applications are pushed to their limits and efficiency is reduced.

The speaker-independent topSpeech-Lydia® system from the leading European system provider topsystem is different.

A noticeable improvement in the performance of speech controlled picking can be found when using the newly developed noise resistant headset topSPEECH “NoiseMaster”.

Regardless of the source, the “NoiseMaster” reliably eliminates the noise, just as one would expect from a trouble free picking system.

This “made in Germany” intelligent speech controlled picking system application can be seen for the first time “down under” during the CeBIT Australia.

topsystem will be exhibiting at the German Community stand in Hall 5 of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney from 20th until 22nd May 2008.

Pick by Voice applications must also function reliably in any harsh and loud warehouse environment.

The spoken commands and verifications may to some extent become distorted because of the background noise.

Static noises like the constant humming of motors or lamps are filtered out by software.

It would be problematic if strong dynamic noises like the bang of a dropping pallet or the clattering of empty bottles seriously hampered optimal speech recognition.

Playing Out Its Strengths

Exactly in this area “NoiseMaster”’s strengths come into play.

Equipped with a new intelligent algorithm the headset manages to also filter out explosive dynamic noises. In addition it can differentiate between the noise of the work environment and the commands of the picker.

Subsequently a sophisticated mathematical process, adapted from signal processing theory, is used to eliminate dynamic noises such as high-frequency, metallic or human speech and similar background noises above 94 db before the speech signals are forwarded to the recognition module.

This guarantees a high speech recognition rate in real time independent of background noise.

About topsytem

The topsystem system provider GmbH in Aachen, Germany has been developing IT solutions for users in logistics and transport since 1995.

In the logistics sector an emphasis is placed on an integrated total solution for picking by the use of mobile data capturing devices (MDE).

The in-house developed innovative, speech based picking system topSPEECH-Lydia® has been successfully used by numerous retailers, distribution centres and central warehouses as well as logistics service providers since 2001.

In the transport business sector topsystem offers software solutions for dispatch related processes in the aviation market as well as ground handling operations.

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