2008 SCLAA Supply Chain Conference

With over 23 speakers confirmed, the 2008 Supply Chain Conference, organised by the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia, (SCLAA) will be an additional highlight of MATEX.

Speakers at the event will include John Hands, Director Purchasing and Systems Collins Foods Group who will be presenting a paper on “Supply Chain Strategies for a Multi Outlet High Transaction Organisation.”

This presentation will cover the basic Supply Chain strategies employed in the Collins Foods Group, and how those strategies are implemented across their outlets in Australia.

Areas to be covered include the use of electronic ordering and invoicing, outsourcing key functions and relationships with suppliers.

Andrew Downard, Managing Director, AD Supply Chain Group will explore the risks and impacts that failures in Supply Chain Relationships can lead to.

The subject of Supply Chain Risk Management will be briefly canvassed and how relationships impact on this area.

Andrew will then highlight the reinforcing behaviours that cause downwards spirals in previously healthy relationships and how Trust can quickly turn to Distrust.

assessment model will then be put forward followed by some real life case studies showing what can be gained by implementing the SCCI methodology.

Greg West, Managing Director, Farthing West, will present a paper on “Management Techniques for Better Business performance.”

Frontline managers who have the knowledge and skills to apply Lean Thinking and Six Sigma tools and management techniques with the people they manage and/or supervise have the capacity to greatly improve the performance of the businesses in which they work.

However case studies clearly show that frontline manager’s best acquire the knowledge and skills through practical on-the-job training.

Using illustrations from case studies and real life applications, this session provides key background ideas on how Lean Thinking and Six Sigma can be applied to warehousing and Logistics improvement initiatives.

The presentation will also provide information on best practice methods for frontline managers to develop these skills.

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