Cargo scanning technology met with enthusiasm

FreightScan, LLC, a leader in the development and deployment of innovative technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, says live booth demonstrations of its groundbreaking automated dimensioning cargo scanning system were extremely well-received by attendees of the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Italy.

“The degree of interest shown in our cargo scanning system by attendees of the symposium was tremendous,” says André Johnson, CEO of FreightScan.

“Based on the first live demonstrations of our FS100 automated dimensioning system for laser cargo scanning outside the United States, it appears that the EU is ready for advanced dimming technology even more so than the US.”

We are now scheduling several on-site evaluations of the FS100 in the second quarter of 2008 for cargo operations in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris.”

Johnson says that FreightScan is talking to several very large handling companies, as well as major airlines and airports in the EU as a result of demonstrations held at the IATA World Cargo Symposium.

In addition, companies from Asia and India have expressed interest in partnering with FreightScan to deploy units in those regions.

Since launching in November 2007, FreightScan has successfully completed evaluations in the US, leading to contracts, as well as developing a queue of airlines with letters of intent to conduct on-site evaluations.

Many of those airlines have significant operations internationally, and the symposium confirmed the demand for rapid expansion to markets in the EU, Central America and Asia.

FreightScan is also in talks with trucking and warehousing companies in the US and Canada.

The FreightScan FS100 automated dimensioning system for cargo scanning is a small laser scanner that creates value by automating the process of collecting measurements and calculating dimensional weight without interrupting workflow.

It exceeds all existing standards for static dimming systems in the cargo industry.

Enhancements developed during a pilot program with Martinair also give users the ability to conduct a scan with a bar code reader and a powerful data solution that enables the use of a remote trigger of the scanning system.

“We are elated that our technology was so well received in Europe,” says Johnson.

“The favorable response we received indicates that obtaining dimensional data for declaring accurate dimensions for cargo in the air cargo and other segments of the logistics industry is a rapidly increasing area of interest in today’s global economy.”

“Our appearance at the IATA Symposium re-enforces the fact that the international air cargo market recognises the compelling applications of the FS100.”

“The system achieves significant revenue generation, decreased manpower costs, improved customer service and acceptance times, decreased claims, and the standardisation of a process which has been inherently inconsistent and inaccurate due to the limitations of manual measurements.”

“The outstanding interest in our dimensioning system while at the IATA World Cargo Symposium has attracted many potential regional contacts, whom we hope to be strategically partnering with for the purpose of installing and servicing major global hubs,” says Sheri Ascencio, Executive Vice President of Marketing for FreightScan.

“We are committed to delivering a superior customer experience in every interaction an airline or freight forwarder has with our company.”

“We are only working with strategic partners that reflect the same standard of excellence.

“We anticipate we will be working with partners in Europe, Asia and India to begin deploying the system in 2008,” he says.

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