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The P325 is the latest in German engineered polyester (plastic) strapping tool technology and caters for straps up to 19mm.

The P325 is specifically designed to dramatically improve mobile strapping applications. The many advantages of the FROMM P325 go beyond cost.

The P325 is a simple, ergonomically designed, one-handed operation tool.

Its light frame guarantees user friendliness as well as the ability to strap in all positions.

With the P325, you simply press one button for tensioning of the strap.

This ensures a tight strap every time, without the shoulder straining manual labour of traditional strapping tools.

For efficiency, the welding lever of the P325 locks in position, which allows for the preparation of the next strap during welding and cooling.

Innovations in the strap industry have seen polyester strapping up to 19mm now being used in difficult applications i.e. steel, timber and bricks.

Managing director of Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) Peter Holmes says the FROMM P325 is the latest innovation in the Australian strap industry.

“Quality is paramount and all FROMM tools have a 6month guarantee, “ he says.

“AWS is the exclusive distributors of the FROMM P325. We have specialised in providing innovative and cost-effective strapping solutions since 1977.

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