Upswing for Jungheinrich

As a company that views the forklift truck as part of a system, Jungheinrich believes in the notion of long term relationships.

“Long-term contracts allow machine man­ufacturers to offer their complete know-how,” says board member and head sales person Dr. Helmut Limberg.

“We want to offer our customers a comprehensive solu­tion — from consulting through to sales, commissioning and mainte­nance.”

According to Dr. Limberg, it’s ulti­mately the customer that decides which company is the leading inno­vator.

“Customers will always choose the technology that best suits their current needs,” he says.

“With this in mind, we at Jungheinrich always ensure in advance that it can offer state-of-the-art technologies, thereby providing customers with convinc­ing reasons to opt for our products.”

Some markets require highly spe­cialised solutions, so those inter­ested in penetrating them must adapt their solutions accordingly.

“Top-end suppliers know exactly to what extent their products can be adapted,” Dr Limberg says.

“Even if producing less sophisticated units for less demanding markets, you still need to offer premium prod­ucts, just on a lower level.”

“Anything else would obviously damage the reputation of the brand.”

At 1,748 million euros Jungheinrich, Group turnover in 2006 exceeded that of 2005 by more than six per cent.

“Our com­pany strategy is directed towards achieving sustained, profitable growth,” says Dr Limberg.

“It’s not our primary concern simply to increase market share at any cost.

Furthermore, Jungheinrich’s policy is one of organic growth.

“In our opinion this is the best way of ensuring strong sustained expansion,” Dr Limberg says.

In 2006, the company’s domestic business increased by more than two per cent and foreign business by approximately eight per cent.

Limberg says the main motors of growth in 2007 were once again Eastern Europe and Asia.

Jungheinrich’s most recent innova­tion, launched last year is the Kombi electric order picker/ stack­er.

Controlled by a state of the art ‘intelligent’ system, the new EKX range is designed to meet all of the future requirements for warehous­ing and logistics.

Key features include RFID floor control, ‘resid­ual capacity plus’, which increases the overall capacity of the range, as well as major improvements in performance, efficiency and safety.

“Information on the topology of the floor can be stored in the memory of the truck, and used to adjust speed and control parameters,” says Jungheinrich AG head of communi­cations Markus Piazza.

‘This infor­mation can be transferred between the master truck to others operating in the same narrow aisles using a USB stick.”

“RFID floor control includes aisle end braking and stop­ping, lift and travel limits as well as speed reduction in poor quality floor areas or during the transport of sensitive goods. “

As a pioneer of 3-phase AC technology, Jungheinrich continues to develop this technology.

“This is reflect­ed in the drive and control system utilised in the new Kombi stacker,” Piazza says.

“The EKX 513-515 offers high throughput efficiency and dynamic performance while offer­ing low energy con­sumption.”

“High torque ensures effec­tive acceleration, fast lift and dynamic secondary movements and facilitates simultaneous lifting and lowering of main and auxiliary lift,” he says.

Ergonomics and comfort are a major focus for Jungheinrich. Another company innovation is the JetPilot multifunction steering wheel, an industry first when released at CeMAT in 2005.

“All the main functions of a forklift truck are integrated in the milestone JetPilot steering wheel,” says Jungheinrich head of Pre-Development Ralf Baginski.”

“Operating levers for mast and forks that were previous­ly arranged at the side are omitted.”

“This presents undreamt-of possi­bilities to make the design of a counterbalance truck more com­fortable for the operator,” he says.

Jungheinrich is represented in Australia by Red Australia and NTP Forklifts Australia.

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