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The new Jetstick Industrial label applicator

Jetstick Label Applicator

The new low cost Jetstick Industrial Applicator (JIA) is designed for rapid barcode label application in industrial situations.  The JIA is an air-powered label applicator that integrates with a barcode label printer such as the Intermec PM4i by way of a base plate.  When the printer presents the printed barcode label, the JIA holds the label via suction and positions it for “blow” application onto the target package or carton.

This is a very economically priced label applicator ideally suited for the industrial goods and processed foods market, but will also work brilliantly in the Transport and Logistics industry.  Because the labels are applied by air, the label application works accurately on items of irregular sizes, shapes and surfaces with ease.  Labels up to 100mm x 150mm can be applied from a distance of 100mm which is superior to some more expensive, and elaborate existing systems.

As there is no physical contact with the item that the label is to be applied to, this system will not damage the goods or touch the surface.  The Jetstick Industrial Applicator uses its own patented air-amplifier mechanism that increases the air pressure without increasing the amount of air required saving on operating costs.  This combined with the speed, range and accuracy of the label propulsion, make the JIA a unique labelling option.

The JIA is manufactured from high strength aluminum finished with an anodized surface and boast only two moving parts (motor and air valve) for minimal maintenance and solid reliability.  The flexible assembly means that this solution can be set up to apply labels on the top or side of cartons depending on the application need.

Optional wireless network connectivity will enable your Jetstick label applicator to be remotely managed via your warehouse management system, desktop PC or via a wireless handheld computer.  Now you can change label data information and label formats from anywhere within your facility without a direct cable connection.

Peacock Bros. are the exclusive distributors in Australia and New Zealand for the Jetstick Industrial Applicator with fully trained and qualified staff on hand that can provide the right advice and custom fit this unique, cost effective label application solution into almost any workplace.

For more information, please contact Peacock Bros on: 1300 723 282 or email: pbsales@peacocks.com.au

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