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Supply Chain solutions provider Infor is hosting two key events in April as an opportunity for Australian organisations to find out about Green Asset Sustainability and Supply Chain strategy.

Why does it matter and what you can do to reach your sustainability goals?

Going Green Day — 29th April — Sydney

Going Green Day — 30th April – Melbourne

The company recently announced Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition, an enterprise software solution that allows organisations integrate energy consumption and emissions management into their asset management practices.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition enables organisations to substantially reduce energy costs, while minimising carbon emissions and the impact of their operations on the environment.

Established benchmarks from the US Department of Energy and industry sources demonstrate that facilities and manufacturers can reduce energy consumption up to 20 per cent through maintenance programs that focus on energy consumption and efficiency.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition factors energy consumption into total asset performance, providing a more complete understanding of the true costs to operate and maintain an asset.

The software goes beyond just energy management, factoring in an asset’s consumption of any of the WAGES commodities (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam), as well as monitoring of fugitive emissions, like ozone-depleting refrigerant gases.

“There is no question that high energy costs are a drag on organisational budgets and that inefficient energy practices have a negative impact on our environment,” says John Murphy, director of Industry & Product Marketing for Infor EAM solutions.

“Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition is a groundbreaking solution that helps address these issues,” he says.

“With this solution, organisations can take a strategic approach to energy efficiency, using software automation to implement practices that promote sustainability and profitability.”

Organisations across all sectors face soaring energy costs from basic utilities, such as lighting and HVAC, to the assets that enable their critical business operations, like manufacturing equipment and refrigeration coolers.

In addition to reining in high energy costs, organisations are seeking to reduce their energy consumption as part of sustainability initiatives to minimise carbon emissions and offset the impact of their operations on the environment.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition automates the processes associated with managing assets and their related resource consumption.

It tracks the consumption of individual assets in real-time, evaluates the data against user-defined conditions, and alerts users to anomalies when assets exceed acceptable performance thresholds.

The solution also elevates decision-making by incorporating consumption and emission data into key performance indicators and reports.

Program managers, for example, can generate reports that provide macro-level analysis of CO2 emissions and drill down into the performance of each asset through easy-to-use graphical dashboards.

The software also enables companies to benchmark the performance of a specific asset to determine the cost of maintaining it at current energy consumption levels versus replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient asset.

This functionality enables organisations to make strategic decisions, factoring in energy consumption costs, the price and energy specifications of a replacement, and the projected return-on-investment date.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition is a web-architected application that can be deployed on-premises at the customer site or hosted by Infor.

The software receives energy consumption data through asset sub-metering, either through existing sub-metering electronics systems or other third-party sensors, and can use wireless mesh networks for communications.

Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition demonstrates Infor’s commitment to deliver solutions that help customers implement the business processes essential to driving their green and sustainability programs.

In addition to EAM, these solutions include other key areas such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Performance Management (PM) and ERP.

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Infor is introducing Infor EAM Asset Sustainability Edition at FOSE 2008, (Booth# 1516) in Washington, DC, on April 1-3, 2008.

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