Container cooling system for safer unloading conditions

By using an assortment of its own technologies, air movement specialist Fanquip has been able to develop a movable ‘container cooling system’ that regulates the internal temperature of transport containers.

This keeps workers comfortable and safe during industry-approved manual handling tasks.

In some cases, it is economically unviable for a company to have automation to empty out transport containers.

This is particularly the case if delivery frequencies are low, quantities are small, or individual units are irregular or physically tiny in size.

Therefore, many companies require an element of manual handling to complete the job which creates potential occupational health and safety risks.

Fanquip’s container cooling system resolves the issue.

Particularly in the summer months of the year, the internal temperature and transport container is significantly hotter than the already hot outdoor environment – and this can be very uncomfortable for employees assigned to this task.

The inaugural installation was made recently by a company that wants to keep its staff cool as they unload rubber products from 40-foot containers.

This user specifically stated it didn’t merely want fan-blown air distributed throughout the container, it demanded thermostatically controlled, ducted air that also uses a temperature controller.

Fanquip’s container cooling system is permanently mounted wherever required; in this instance, the unit is in the receiving dock area.

It is aided by movable arm that can be maneuvered from one position to another to comfortably hook up to any container access point regardless of where the vessel rests.

Cool air is produced by the air-conditioning module and then moved through flexible ducting by an industrially rated Fanquip blower.

The system is adaptable to any size of transport container.

The size of the air conditioning unit as well as the length and diameter of ducting is relative to each application, therefore ensuring the container cooling system is configurable to just about every situation of this type.

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