Bizcaps migrates clients to GS1net

Sydney software supplier Bizcaps has uploaded its 55th client to GS1net.

These clients account for more than 11,000 GTINS.

“Bizcaps took the GS1net migration exercise very seriously,” says Managing Director Rob Clifton-Steele.

“We devoted a lot of resources to the project over more than 18 months.”

“While Bizcaps understands understand that there have generally been migration delays, we had all of our existing clients ready to migrate to GS1net by the original deadline of 31 March 2008.”

Dairy Farmers was Bizcaps’ milestone 50th migration to GS1net.

It is one of Australia’s largest dairy manufacturers, supplying fresh and processed milk products including cheese and yogurt to both local and overseas markets.

Bizcaps’ client O’Cedar was the first catalogue uploaded to the GS1net datapool by a middleware software supplier.

O’Cedar’s name has been synonymous with premium timber furniture products in Australia for more than 100 years.

Bizcaps’ Gs1net Connect Engine was the first middleware software certified for use with GS1net.

It powers the both Bizcaps Eziform and Enterprise product ranges.

Bizcaps’ Development Director, Bill Blinco says the company’s design objective is to insulate users from the complexities of GS1net.

“Our support desk recently demonstrated our product to a potential customer,” Blinco recalls.

“The customer said: ‘That’s it? That’s all I have to do?’ and signed up immediately. That’s very satisfying feedback for any development team.”

Late last year, Bizcaps was awarded the prestigious Strategic Alliance Partner status by GS1.

In New Zealand, Bizcaps is represented by EDIS Technologies Ltd of Auckland

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