New technology to maximise road safety

Driver safety technology provider Minorplanet has launched a new system designed to help trucking companies ensure safe operations.

The company’s vehicle management information (VMI) system can measure the forces applied to a vehicle in three dimensions with its tri-axis accelerometer.

The system also integrates an incident buffer, which returns second-by-second data when triggered, helping operators and crash investigators determine the possible causes of an incident.

Minorplanet CEO Steve Green said the new technology would provide companies with an insight into the behaviour of their drivers, enabling them to maximise road safety.

 “Having clear records as a result of Minorplanet’s VMI system, drivers and operators will be better protected from legal entanglements as well as enabling compliance with recent changes in road and transport legislation,” Mr Green said.

The company said the buffer not only stores comprehensive information including vehicle location, speed, temperature and forces applied to the vehicle, but also detects erratic driving such as rapid acceleration, hard cornering and heavy braking.

Mr Green added the system could help businesses reduce fleet running costs and increase econ-efficiencies. 

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