New Director of Research and Engineering for Freightscan

FreightScan, LLC, a leader in the development and deployment of innovative technology solutions for the freight and logistics industry, ha announced the appointment of Marek Sekowski to the position of Director of Research and Engineering.

Sekowski will be responsible for mechanical design activities, design and build of segment specific solutions, and the research and development of world class scanning solutions for FreightScan’s suite of cargo scanning and security devices.

Sekowski brings 17 years of extensive experience in the field of technical development to FreightScan, and specializes in developing laser scanners and 3D surface data acquisition hardware for the purpose of quality control and shape documentation.

His work in the fields of laser metrology and 3D metrology, which provide innovative and integrated dimensional measurement, 3D modeling and metrology application development services for industry, are widely recognized.

He most recently served as a mechanical designer and product developer consultant to Basis Software, Inc., where he implemented numerous improvements to its existing scanning product line.

Previously he has worked for Industrial Light & Magic, Frog Design, 3D Systems, Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios Theme Parks, among other companies who specialize in the fields of three dimensional data acquisition.

“Mr. Sekowski brings a tremendous background to our cargo scanning and security applications,” says André Johnson, CEO of FreightScan.

“His experience and leadership will expedite our entry into the next generation of 3D laser and optical scanning and security devices for the cargo and logistics industries we serve.”

FreightScan has already successfully launched its FS100 system, which exceeds all existing standards for static dimming systems in the cargo industry, as well as previewed its FreightScan Automated Security Screening for Transportation (F.A.S.T.) technology for cargo security, which will ultimately provide the most practical solution for cargo screening to all players in the freight logistics supply chain process.

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