SAI Global technology transforming supply agreements

LOGICOM is a complete database of US government and military parts and logistics.

Many US organizations are maximising their negotiating power by viewing the actual price paid for government purchases in previous tenders and locating alternate sources when primary suppliers can’t deliver.

This online annual subscription service provides a comprehensive database of parts and suppliers for US Government procurement and commercial enterprise.

Using the technology, engineers and contractors can track the technical minefield of US Government Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data, Naval Allowance Parts List/Approval Equipage List (APL/AEL), and Procurement History.

LOGICOM combines faster, broader, interlinked search technology allowing users to work faster and more efficiently.

Mr Tony Scotton, Chief Executive Officer of SAI Global Ltd, says LOGICOM stands out from competitors applications due to its superior functionality and comprehensive range of searchable data elements.

“LOGIOCM provides a first-class service to industry professionals, offering them a more comprehensive, cost-effective package,” Scotton says.

“Users will see a noticeable increase in speed and will have access to a larger and more up-to-date range of technical information.”

The database, with over 150 million parts, is an easy-to-use, powerful search engine for supply chain management, engineering, and contracting.

For a free trial of the LOGICOM database.

SAI Global is an applied information services company that helps organizations manage risk, achieve compliance and drive business improvement.

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