Impact indicators detect product damage early

Impact-O-Graph Impact Indicators from DOMO-TECHNICA are used to detect hidden damage that often occurs as a result of mishandling or during shipping.

This is a low cost solution to expose damage and to protect the manufacturer, supply chain, and end user against false claims and to reduce the time spent in the claims process.

How Impact Indicators work

The distinctive Impactograph overlapping spring and bearing design is admired for its engineering simplicity.

This product can ensure that dangerous impacts are detected from all directions.

When the object being monitored is struck or dropped the steel balls fall out of suspension and into the transparent dome.

The warning is clear and irreversible.

Indicators can be mounted on the object itself, hidden inside the object, or placed so that they are viewable from outside the packaging.

The Protect-A-Pak is one of the world’s most popular shipping monitors.

The single use, omni-directional can be mounted using self-adhesive included on the indicator or embedded in the container using our mounting flange.

A shipping plug guards against impacts before it is installed.

Available in G-levels 5g to 500g.

The Omni-G reusable omni-directional impact indicator with its assembly of springs and bearing is easily reset using special tweezers.

Available in whole G-levels 2g to 500g.

Other equipment available, includes the Impact Recorder which charts the direction, magnitude and time of impact and the Impact Switch Tip Indicator for sensitive equipment.

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