Sigtec named 1st IAP service provider

Australian mobile computing solutions firm, Sigtec has announced that it will be the first IAP Service Provider for Australia’s new Intelligent Access Program [IAP].

Sigtec’s expertise in real-time wireless data and GPS location-based solutions for transport, government, public safety and taxi industries enabled it to be the first company to meet the stringent requirements set forth by Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA), the company administering the IAP.

Founded in 1982, Sigtec has evolved into an intelligent transportation service-oriented company, growing a customer base of Government agencies, blue-chip corporations and Transport Operators.

Based in Melbourne and Brisbane, Sigtec markets its solutions in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and South East Asia.

The IAP is a voluntary program which provides heavy vehicles with access, or improved access, to the Australian road network in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions.

Transport Operators can contact Sigtec immediately to discuss their needs, and Sigtec will begin installing IAP technology and providing monitoring services in May.

Sigtec’s Managing Director, John Thompson, says that the company was very proud to make the announcement, and that he is looking forward to bringing real value to transport operators wishing to benefit from the program.

“In the past, Transport Operators have used a range of telematics providers, so we’re keen to point out to the industry that we’ve been providing these sorts of services to mission-critical environments for many years,” Thompson says.

“In all we have more than 50,000 vehicles world wide employing our solutions and this number continues to grow year on year.”

As an IAP Service Provider, Sigtec will monitor heavy vehicles to ensure drivers are complying with conditions transport operators negotiate with road authorities.

The information is only issued to a road authority in the event of a non-compliant activity and the data is collected at an evidentiary standard.

Using vehicle telematics technology, Sigtec will remotely monitor heavy vehicle use through global positioning systems (GPS) and in-vehicle sensors to provide vehicle performance data to a host computer system for downloading and analysis.

Sigtec has launched a new web site which provides detailed information on Sigtec and the IAP services that it offers.

With road freight expected to double by 2020, the IAP was developed to keep Australia’s road network safe and efficient and to help manage the issues of growing transport needs, constrained infrastructure, calls for heavier vehicles to meet demand, and community expectations.

“We’ve already seen a huge number of Transport Operators express interest in the IAP and as they see the benefits no doubt more operators will come online,” Thompson says.

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