2020 Summit reinforces T&L priorities

Priorities identified by the 2020 Summit include recommendations that clearly reinforce those in the Australian Logistics Council’s (ALC) National Strategy for the T&L Freight Industry.

“The issues raised are critical for Australia’s future,” says ALC Chief Executive Hal Morris.

“I am pleased the 2020 Summit proposals are closely aligned the industry’s recommendations and the ALC is looking forward to working with government to implement these priorities.”

“The ALC is already working closely to advance many of these priorities through the Australian Transport Ministers’ National Transport Policy Framework.”

“We recognise that this reform agenda is bold and ambitious and both industry and government must be committed to delivering results.”

The National T&L Industry Strategies priorities confirmed by the 2020 Summit are

  • Infrastructure – to Create a regulatory and institutional framework to allow timely and efficient investment, especially in key export areas Australian EconomyFuture infrastructure decisions should be approached from a national perspective Rural Industries and Communities
  • Regulation – The speed of regulatory reform should be increased, including to create seamless national markets in key areas, improve productivity and remove barriers to competitiveness, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Australian Economy – Nationwide harmonisation and standardisation is urgent. This includes uniform regulation, licensing, standards and enforcement for transport (both road and rail): Rural Industries and Communities.

  • Innovation – Establish a national institute for innovation and creativityImprove collaboration between public and private business, industry and research to foster innovation to OECD levels

Productivity Agenda

  • People – Employers take responsibility for developing the skills of their workforce and in return are able to access a flexible, demand driven training system

Productivity Agenda

  • Environment – Further investment could be directed into research, development and deployment to enable a low emissions energy revolution: Population, sustainability, climate change, water and the future of our cities

“While it is a concern that Workplace Safety was not mentioned directly by the 2020 Summit recommendations, both Industry and the Australian Transport Ministers have recognised this as a high priority for the T&L Freight sector,” Hal Morris says.

“The ALC is committed to working with industry and government towards a reformed and streamlined sector that serves our customers and this nation on time and in full.”

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