Optiflow waste handling system proves itself

Eximo’s new waste handling system, Optiflow, is starting to make its mark on Australian manufacturing lines.

Now the company has been able to reveal accurate running costs to support its claim that energy efficiency as much as occupational health and safety drives this technology.

A standard Optiflow system, on current average electricity prices around Australia, costs about 0.0975 cents per kilowatt hour to operate, but uses about half the kilowatt power of traditional ducting systems.

During peak times, on a working day, Optiflow requires 165 kW of operating power.

At non-peak times – such as night shifts – operating power requirement drops right down to 65 kW.

Apart from providing users with a very safe way of handling waste clippings and dust, the Optiflow system also eliminates any unnecessary and potentially dangerous manual labour normally required to shift waste.

Integrated with an overall pressure-driven extraction system, the Optiflow is a unique concept built especially for dust extraction and transportation.

It creates a negative pressure chamber across an entire factory or processing plant to eliminate the total static pressure of the whole system by as much as 46 per cent.

Thus it provides a power consumption advantage as it is proportionate to the total static pressure.

After waste material is suctioned by each intake point, everything except the finest particles are directed to the Optiflow chamber.

This chamber is an enclosed, low pressure area that uses a moving conveyor on its floor.

Waste material, the majority of which is collected at intake points, lands on the moving conveyor and is directed straight to collection bins, cutters, shredders or compactors.

The system doesn’t even require filters.

Built from strong 2mm galvanised ducting material with a low speed conveyor within, the entire Optiflow unit is not just strong and robust but also very low on required maintenance.

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