Performance Management Analytic Solution from RedPrairie

Leading optimisation company RedPrairie has released RedPrairie Performance Management™ for supply chain providers.

The software application that was previously available only for retailers but is now offered to provide analytical monitoring and reporting tools for fast, actionable decision making in the supply chain.

Performance Management for supply chain will provide full integration with RedPrairie supply chain and retail solutions, creating an end-to-end analytic solution from store shelf to manufacturing.

RedPrairie Performance Management is a web-based analytic solution that leverages the wealth of existing information from RedPrairie’s warehouse, transportation and workforce management applications to monitor, analyse and report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive an organisation’s success.

The user interface provides a rich and intuitive experience that guides users to discovering new insights of their business.

“RedPrairie Performance Management brings across the most complete view of data available from the enterprise database,” says Jim Hoefflin, Executive Vice President for Products and Marketing, RedPrairie.

“This includes detailed inventory events, labour productivity analysis, forecast data and sales data.”

“It is easily extracted and actionable — providing insight to enable managers to make strategic business decisions.”

RedPrairie Performance Management for supply chain is compatible with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 and puts the data and business rules for business intelligence on a centrally managed server.

This makes scorecarding, analytics and the entire performance management cycle much easier and less time-consuming for supply chain professionals.

“RedPrairie is at the forefront of providing practical enterprise data to knowledge workers,” says Steven Skinner, general manager for industry solutions and strategy at Microsoft Corp.

“It enables the alignment of real-time decisions with strategic business objectives.”

“The highly intuitive user interface significantly reduces user time to competency. This combination increases productivity and profits.”

Performance Management offers many unique advantages including interactive dashboards that zero-in on relevant data.

Performance Management uses powerful Web-based visual dashboards that can be delivered to individuals based on their organizational role and location.

The embedded Scorecards can contain KPI’s and links to charts, tables and reports, allowing the business user to easily navigate to the relevant information.

Based on a strong analytical foundation, Performance Management includes OLAP analysis that is compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for fast, easy to use, ad hoc reporting.

In addition, it provides visibility into business operations and factors impacting the business that allow for more flexibility and timely decision making.

With a low total cost of ownership, Performance Management can be deployed as a secure, Hosted/SaaS solution that allows for rapid implementation.

RedPrairie’s hosted services have a proven 99.9% historical total system availability.

With 20 global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support.

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