TNT launches Australia’s first hybrid truck fleet

TNT Express Australia has become the first business in Australia to start operating a fleet of diesel-electric hybrid trucks as replacements for conventionally powered vehicles.

TNT has put 10 Hino Hybrid trucks into service as part of its commitment to achieving better environmental outcomes across all areas of its business — particularly the reduction of CO2 emissions.

“This is an historic first step by TNT Express in Australia to prepare itself for the inevitable emergence of a carbon economy,” says TNT Express Australia Managing Director, Roger Corcoran.

“TNT accepts that climate change is a reality and we believe that all businesses must adopt new strategies in order to meet looming carbon emissions reduction targets.”

Speaking at the official launch of the hybrid truck fleet in Sydney, Mr Corcoran said the new vehicles would reduce TNT’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,600 kilograms of CO2 a year per vehicle.

“Our tests show that in real-world operating conditions the Hino Hybrid truck emits 14 per cent less carbon dioxide than a conventional diesel-engined truck of equivalent size,” he says.

“In addition, the hybrid vehicle reduces emissions of nitrous oxides by almost half and harmful particulate matter by 98.9 per cent — so we believe the environmental case for adding these trucks to our fleet is compelling.”

“TNT is taking a fairly pragmatic approach to this and will consider putting more hybrid trucks into service as and when new trucks are required,” he says.

“With the launch of our hybrid fleet we are clearly demonstrating that TNT is prepared to invest in vehicles with lower emissions and at the moment we believe hybrid is a very good option for us and the environment.”

The Chief Operating Officer for Hino Australia, Steve Lotter, congratulated TNT on introducing hybrids to its fleet.

“TNT’s adoption of hybrid trucks on this scale is an important step towards the mainstream acceptance of this technology in day-to-day business,” he says.

Roger Corcoran says the decision to adopt hybrid trucks is part of the company’s global commitment to radically reduce its total CO2 emissions.

“Under our Code Orange commitments TNT has made it mandatory across the business that we only buy operational vehicles with the highest environmental standards and explore opportunities for new technologies and fuels,” he says.

TNT is installing a certified system to measure, report and manage its CO2 emissions.

“Under Code Orange we are also committed to reducing business air travel as part of a sustainable aviation strategy, implementing a clean company car policy, making all new buildings CO2 positive and establishing green procurement policies and procedures,” Corcoran says.

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