US company distributes materials handling robots

A US company, Wisconsin Lift Truck has been appointed an authorised distributor for Seegrid Corp, which provides vision-guided mobile robots for the materials handling industry. reports that Seegrid’s products include the GT3 vision-guided industrial mobile robot for materials handling in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and the GP8, a motorised pallet truck that automates the long-haul transport of pallets.

The GT3 is an autonomous tugger, which uses stereo cameras to build a reliable 3D map of the environment.

It uses the map and its own reasoning ability to navigate a predetermined path to complete its assigned transport task.

It transports materials and finished goods without wire guides, magnets or lasers.

By taking care of tasks like pulling carts, delivering palletised materials and positioning supplies in tight areas, it frees-up skilled employees.

The GP8 allows an operator to simply position its forks under pallets. It then transports them to the assigned location, automatically drops the pallets and returns to the original starting point or other pre-assigned location for more work.

Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp says both products allow workers to focus on higher-valued tasks and increases productivity by constantly enforcing the work pace, fostering safety discipline and reducing labour, accidents and injury costs.

Wisconsin Lift Truck is a 46-year-old, full-service materials handling company with over 400 employees at its headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin and branches in Germantown, Green Bay, Janesville and Wausau.

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