JBS Swift & Company Upgrades to Improve “Perfect Orders”

Leading consumer driven optimisation company RedPrairie has announced JBS Swift & Company, one of the leading processors of fresh beef and pork in the US has upgraded to a new version of RedPrairie Warehouse Management (WMS).

JBS Swift & Company has been a RedPrairie customer for 17 years and upgraded to a new version of RedPrairie Warehouse Management to gain new capabilities and visibility into processing and distribution.

JBS Swift & Company upgraded to the new WMS in 2007 at the facility, and has since rolled out the solution to two additional facilities in 2008.

The site is a combination of processing facility and a 56,000-square foot distribution centre.

The facility processes and ships over 2.1 million pounds of beef and meat by-products every day.

The company reviewed its supply chain technology and chose RedPrairie for its three distribution centres.

At the time, the company was running three different solutions and wanted a common platform.

“We knew we needed more than just software — we wanted a partner,” says Rajan Nagarajan, JBS Swift & Company CIO.

“We were in the midst of a new strategy for our supply chain.”

“Our mission was to continuously elevate and sustain superior levels of satisfaction for our customers.”

“RedPrairie became a true partner in this goal,” he says.

JBS Swift & Company is a family owned and operated business with a drive and focus centred on the business for its customers.

In 2007 JBS Swift & Company sales topped $10 billion (US) with exports greater than $3 billion (US) in the Beef, Pork and Australian divisions.

JBS Swift & Company is one of the leading processors of fresh beef and pork in the US, and one of the main beef processors in Australia.

Swift processes, prepares, packages, markets, and delivers fresh, further processed and value-added beef and pork products to customers in the U.S. and international markets.

As a leading food processor, there are additional requirements for food safety and traceability.

RedPrairie gave JBS Swift & Company visibility into merchandise and the capability to transition product seamlessly from processing to storage and distribution.

The company operates a very lean operation with the distribution centre as an extended facility of its manufacturing facility.

The product has to be kept moving through the chain to avoid any bottlenecks and the “RedPrairie solution sure enables this process.”

Reliability and proven “uptime” were two additional reasons JBS Swift & Company deployed the RedPrairie solution.

“RedPrairie has streamlined our operations like it was never done before,” Nagarajan says.

“We have gained efficiencies in the plant and can consistently fulfil demand with accuracy.”

“We have less waste because we know exactly what is where.”

“Any way you want to measure it, it was a huge success. Far and away the smoothest implementation I have ever been part of,” concurs Kent Pendley, Beef Production Planning & Scheduling for JBS Swift & Company.

With 20 global service sites and standard service methods that have been validated over the last 30 years, RedPrairie provides unparalleled service and support.

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